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Blackfish Jigs

Blackfish Jigs

$ 2.50

     Tautog or Blackfish have become a much sought after bottom fish in the last few years.  Good eating and not particularly easy to catch the big revolution in fishing for them is the use of jig heads to deliver bait.  The one quality a Blackfish jig needs most is to be able to lay flat on the bottom and still keep the bait up for the fish to find it.  The "wobble" jigs in the picture do just that.  

     These are made with good, tough Mustad #91715 2x strong, forged and plated for salt water use hooks.  The paint is heat cured powder coated for chip resistance.  Not your average blackfish jig for sure.

     Now, in collaboration with a New Jersey charter boat captain and tackle shop owner we have three new color schemes.  Green Crab, White Legger and No 1 are being added to the selection.  The first two obviously are made to resemble  crabs.  No 1 was the first attempt at making a color mix.  We liked it and kept it but didn't know what to call it.  No 1 sounded as good as anything else so that's what it is. 

     Good luck fishing!