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Bullet Head Bucktails

Bullet Head Bucktails

$ 4.75

     These are a great bucktail designed specifically for the surfcaster fishing NorthEast and Mid-Atlantic states.  They are forward balanced for proper presentation in low line angle situations such as from the beach or jetties.  Being tied with generous amounts of deer tail hair causes them to sink more slowly and helps them be fished slower, keeping them in the strike zone longer.  

     The combination of the forward placed eye and extra bucktail also combine to make these a better lure when fishing over rocky bottoms.  Those two features make them less prone to snagging and when hung can often be "finessed" out.  

     Other features include heat cured powder paint for chip resistance, Mustad #34184 2x strong forged and tinned hooks for saltwater use and epoxy sealed wraps to resist toothy critter damage.  

NOTE: Because Mustad is discontinuing it's #34185 line of jig hooks it has become necessary to substitute them with another good high quality jig hook.  That is the Mustad #32824, a 2x strong, forged black nickel finished jig hook.  Until current stocks of the former hook is depleted there will be a mix of both styles used.  Eventually the latter hook will be used thru out.

     These are used for Striped bass, Bluefish, Channel bass, Redfish and a lot of other game fish.