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Large Wobble Jigs for Fluke

$ 4.50

     Here's a scaled up and highly upgraded version of the smaller Wobble Jigs for Fluke.  While the smaller version works well in shallower water these are made for a different set of conditions.  

     Besides the usual construction features I use to make a high quality bucktail these have a generous quantity of deer hair, clear powder coat on multiple color versions and a small wire "keeper" to hold additional soft plastic grub tails.  All in all a unique lure.

     Fluke, Stripers, and Cobia are among the many game fish these will catch.

NOTE:  Effective immediately the multi color large fluke wobble jigs will no longer be tied with deer hair.  Instead Fishair, a fine synthetic nylon made specifically for tying lures and flies, will be used.  This change has become necessary because of the difficulty in getting dyed deer tails in the hair length and quality needed.  Samples of the Nuclear Chicken and Sea Robin color schemes tied with Fishair are shown in the picture on the right.  This applies to only those two lures.  All single color wobble jigs will continue to be tied with deer hair.  Thanks for your understanding.