We'll be away from April 29 until May 4. See blog below for details.
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We'll be away from Tuesday October 12 to Monday October 18. No orders will be made up or shipped during that time. As usual we will be in touch so if you have any questions or comments you can reach us at sales@tinmantackle.com Those go directly to me

We're back.

We have returned.  Back to business as usual.  Our apologies for the interruption.

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We'll be away.

Due to an unexpected family emergency I'll be away for a few days. Orders will still be accepted and I'll still be in touch by email at sales@tinmantackle.com.  Shipping of new orders will be delayed until my return.  Sorry about the inconvenience but life happens.

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Will be away......

I'll be away from April 15 to April 25.  Back in the shop on Monday April 26.  As usual, nothing will be made or shipped during that time.  I will be in touch and you can still reach me by email or phone.   sales@tinmantackle.com.  Phone number is 732-983-1435

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Vacation time.

We'll be gone from August 30, 2020 until Sept 8, 2020 taking a long overdue vacation with the family.  Say Hello OBX!  Just so you know any order placed 3 or 4 days before that time probably won't be filled until after we come back.  As usual we'll be in contact and will be available to accept orders and respond to questions. Thanks for your understanding and looking forward to hearing from you on our return.  

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Business as usual!

We are well and open for business as usual.  Following all safe guidelines as everyone should.  Hopefully you and yours are OK too in this Covid-19 pandemic.

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