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What we provide.

     TinManTackle.com is the culmination of a lot of years of making fishing tackle, lures, etc.  It's always been my feeling that good quality tackle doesn't need to be expensive.  This is my attempt to prove that.  

     There will be two basic types of items sold here.  The first is lures I make myself and they generally are bucktails, slab spoons, keeled squids and other "hard" items.  Little to none of these are in stock but rather are assembled to order.  The vast number of possible combinations of bodies, colors, tails and materials makes it impossible for a small business like this to keep everything in inventory.  As a result there will be a delay of, in general, one to five days before shipment of average size orders.  Tackle making is a time consuming process.

     The other basic type item are things that will be available "while supplies last".  This generally includes soft plastics, feather dressed hooks, loose hooks and other tackle components.  Because the source of supply for these is not reliable and is sometimes inventory from store closings there is no way to guarantee they will always be available.  When the supply of these things is depleted the listing will be removed.

     One additional note.  As the name implies I also make tackle in tin.  Tin is a "old" metal in regards to fishing lures.  Before WWII it was commonly used for jigs, spoons  and lures like keeled "squids".  The war put an end to that practice.  Tin was declared a critical material to the war effort because it was used in the making of things like bearings.  After the war other materials were available that replaced tin.  Now there are a few guys that still know about the unique qualities tin has for making fishing tackle.  For one it's 1/3 lighter than lead.  Lighter means a larger profile for the same weight and a slower sink rate.  In addition, any lure designed to have swimming or wiggle action will be even better because of the light weight.  Lastly it has a natural luster that can't be duplicated by any other finish like paint or chrome plating.   All this information leads to this.  There are a few lures listed in the catalog here that are made in tin but that's not the limit. Almost any of the lures I make can be made in tin so if you're interested in using some of them contact me at sales@tinmantackle.com.  Specials like these are not a problem to me.

     I hope this explains what this site will be providing.  Any questions and/or suggestions don't hesitate to contact me thru the site.  Our email address is sales@tinmantackle.com.  That goes directly to me.

     Thanks for your interest.