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5" Paddle Tail Grubs and Swim Bait Head combo.

5" Paddle Tail Grubs and Swim Bait Head combo.

$ 2.75

Paddle Tail soft plastic lures have become one of the most popular light tackle lures available today.  Here's the very effective 5" Paddle Tail grub combined with the new Swim Bait heads in 5 sizes, 3/8, 1/2, 3/4, 1 and 1 1/2 oz.  These heads are forward balanced for shallow water use and very realistic looking.  They are an ideal match to the grubs shown in the picture.  Both the Swim Bait heads and the Paddle Tail grubs are available separately in other listings on this site.  As a combined lure their price is less than the parts individually

     Hook sizes are shown in the picture.  The hooks are Mustad #34185 forged and plated for rugged saltwater use.  A wire "keeper" is molded in along the hook shank to hold soft plastic securely.  Paint is heat cured powder coat to stand up to hard use.  Eyes are 3D extra glued for security.  Colors are as shown.

Whether you're fishing the back bay, rivers or the surf for Stripers or Fluke these are definitely worth a try.  I fish them myself with great results.

These are the highly sought after Kettle Creek brand grubs.  They're a great substitute for the Keitech grubs.