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Bare Smiling' Bill Jig Heads.

Bare Smiling' Bill Jig Heads.

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 A lot of guys like to paint and tie their own heads or at least try their hand at it but the cost of gearing up to pour the heads is prohibitive.  It also requires a well ventilated place to do it.  Result is they just don't do it.  Here's a possible solution.  Bare heads at a reasonable cost and readily available.

All hooks are Mustad, forged for strength and plated for saltwater use.  Sizes are listed in the pictures with each individual head.

In addition they are shown with the actual weight, not the weight listed by the mold manufacturer.  In a couple cases the molds have been modified so there will be major differences from the original specs.  Just to be accurate and provide good information.

These are called by several name.  Smilin' Bills, Rip Splitters, Ruby Lips, Pac Man Open Mouth are just a few.  They all refer to as Classic a Striper Bucktail as you can get.  How they should be painted and tied is only limited by your imagination.