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Blackfish Jigs, Banana Head style

Blackfish Jigs, Banana Head style

$ 2.50

    Call them Blackfish, Tautog or just plain Tog, they are toothy, tough and tasty! Jigs has become the dominant way to fish for them these days.  They are easier to deal with and are more effective than the old "hook and sinker" rigs.  A lot of different types have shown up on the market lately but one is more common than the others.  The "banana head" type is used more often for a few reasons.  They are streamlined and hold well in a current and deep water, they are less prone to snagging and they land right side up for good bait presentation.

     The banana heads I'm offering here were developed with the help of a New Jersey charter boat captain and tackle shop owner.  Who else would know what features are best?  

     Sizes range from 1 oz up to 8 ozs.  Paint is custom blended powder coat heat cured for durability.  Hooks are Mustad # 34184 or #3407, forged and plated for salt water use and are intentionally kept to smaller sizes.  Most Tog jigs are made with hooks that are too large.  

     Give'em a try!  Good luck fishing!