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Blind Doodle Bug. A whole new concept in jig heads!

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One of the things I've never liked about jigs and bucktails is the line tie eye protruding up out of the head.  It totally destroys the head profile and just doesn't look natural.  

What I'm presenting here is my attempt to solve that problem.  These are heads with the line eye contained within the head profile.  No big eye protruding.  

I started with the old classic "Doodle Bug" jig made by a long defunct New Jersey tackle company.  Those were originally made in Tin and were dressed with feathers.  Feathers are not used very often anymore but Deer tail hair and a variety of soft plastics are.  What I have now created is a head of the same approximate size as the old Doodle Bug but with a more slender shape and the line eye within the head profile or "blind".  Hence the name "Blind Doodle Bug"!

What you see here is the end result in Tin and finished with three different style dressings, tied Bucktail, Swirl Tail Grubs and Paddletail Grubs.

After pouring the new heads I started swim testing them with a variety of tail dressings.  Feathers created a exaggerated forked tail that just didn't look good. Bucktail tests showed a more sparse bunch of hair looked better with more tail end flutter.  Swirl Tail Grubs look great and add a bit of wiggling/rolling action to the head.  Finally, the Paddletail Grubs look even better and also add more of the wiggling/rolling action.  The last two results were totally unexpected.  

I've also made and tested the same heads in Lead.  Testing results are just as good but details will be in another listing.

Construction details and materials are just as important as on other heads and all the good practices are used to make these too.

Hooks are Mustad #3407, forged for strength and tin plated for salt water use in the sizes shown in the pictures.  The line eyes are stainless steel for strength.  Paint, where used, is sprayed vinyl with an over coat of heat applied and cured clear powder coat.  Hair dressing wraps are covered with either clear epoxy or lacquer.  

Right now the versions shown are what's immediately available.  More color and tail combinations will come along as time to develop permits so check back to see what's new.

    Thanks for looking and good luck fishing!