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Bluefish Busters

Bluefish Busters

$ 3.50

     Slab spoons are another classic lure that's very effective on all sorts of inshore game fish.  Shown here are a good example of that in both fat and skinny versions.  

     These are made of triple chrome plated lead with a full loop stainless steel wire inside.  Hooks are Mustad #9175 2x strong, forged and plated for tough saltwater conditions.  Tails are available in two versions, tied deer hair or tube style.  On the tied version, the hair wraps are epoxy coated to hold up to toothy fish like Bluefish.  The tube type is either latex or vinyl tubing on a Mustad #31022 kirbed Limerick style hook that's also plated for saltwater use.

     The skinny version has a size and profile similar to a spearing or silversides and the fat style looks more like a peanut bunker.  Both have a great wobbling action on the retrieve.  

Oh! One last thing.  They work well on Spanish Mackerel too!