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Dizzy Diamonds

$ 3.25

The Diamond Jig is about as classic a lure as you can find.  Used everywhere in one way or another there has never been any real changes or "evolution" in their design, at least as far as I could see, until now.  A while ago I made the mistake of stating online that I didn't understand why guys used Diamond Jigs in the surf.  To my thinking it was a "do nothing" lure in that situation.  Basically no inherent action except for the classic long tube tail on a kirbed hook swinging on the back end.  I soon heard from a lot of knowledgeable guys how wrong I was.  Needless to say I couldn't argue with their success.  They were right.  However I still felt it needed something extra to add action and got to trying a variety of things.  It turned out the best and easiest was to just put a curve in the  jig body.  That gives it a nice swimming motion in the water.  Along with that long tail the overall presentation is improved.  

Another thing I never understood about Diamond Jigs is why I only ever saw them in chrome finish.  I recently saw a YouTube video done by John Skinner and it went into some depth about Diamond Jigs and color.  It was a real eye opener.  The result is I'm now offering my Dizzy Diamonds in a few colors or combinations in addition to the long time classic chrome.  If you watch that John Skinner video you'll understand why all Black is included in the the color selections offered.  BTW, here's a link to that video.

As always, good quality materials and methods are used to make these jigs.  Paint is heat cured powder coat.  Hooks are Mustad #31022 Forged and Tin plated airbed for use on Diamond Jigs.  The swivels are chromed Rosco #5 or 1/0 as needed.  Tubing is either latex or vinyl for holding up to toothy critters.

One last note.  Three of the colors are Glow White, Chartreuse and Pink.  The tails that go with them will only corresponding colors, not "glow".  Try as I might I can't find Glow surgical or latex or even vinyl tubing.  If and when I do it will be added.

Thanks for looking and good luck fishing.