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Dressed hooks, Hackles

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We all know the advantage of using dressed tail hooks on plugs and tins.  Action, color and size are the things game fish zero in on.  Dressed tail hooks enhance almost any lure by adding to all those qualities.  

What we have here are Mustad #9174 hooks in sizes shown in the pictures and dressed with Hackle feathers.  The hooks themselves are 2x strong, forged and tin plated for saltwater use.  I use the same hooks to tie deer hair dressed tail hooks for the tackle I make.

These were tied some time ago and have been in storage.  They're in excellent condition, like new in fact.   Feather colors are bright and vibrant and they have no bad odors or mildew.   Because they were surplus to the company that made them I can offer them at a very attractive price.  The only downside is that the quantities are finite.  When they're gone they are gone!  I will not be tying any.

     Only the colors and hook sizes shown in the pictures are available.

Right now is as good a time as any to refurbish or dress up your tackle.  This is an easy and inexpensive way to do just that with quality materials.