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Eel Rigging Squids, now with 4 new options

$ 4.00

Eel rigging squids are a variation of the old time common keeled squid.  They have a fixed hook with an extra eye to attach "rigged eel" tail hook lines.  A good old time standard Striper lure for a long time.  

The weight of these is 1 1/2 ozs.  The hook is a Mustad #32824 long shank 60º jig hook that is forged for strength and black nickle plated for saltwater use.  The line attachment hole is reinforced with a brass grommet for strength and free swinging.  

These are now available in four versions, bare lead, Black, Wine Red and Brown.  Paint is heat cured powder coat for good looks and toughness.

Take a look.  The average tackle shop won't carry these.