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LARGE size Forward Balanced Ultra Minnows.

$ 6.00

So a customer asked about the biggest profile I could make with a 4 oz Teardrop bucktail.  After a couple questions it turned out he wanted forward balanced large bucktails specifically for Stripers in Raritan Bay in New Jersey during the Spring bunker runs.  When I made a sample and sent it to him he sent me a picture back with it in the maw of the first Striper he caught with it.  It doesn't get any better than that. Here it is.

These are Forward Balanced Ultra Minnow style bucktails in colors specifically for the mentioned season.  They will be available in sizes from 1 1/2 oz to 8 ozs. and 5 color schemes.  Plastic trailer tails of 2 different types are also available to go with them.

The sizes from 1 1/2 oz to 4 ozs are tied with deer hair.  Because deer hair long enough for the 3 larger sizes is hard to come by and expensive the 5,6 and 8 oz sizes are tied with Fishair, a fine stranded nylon substitute.  Fishair is a good quality synthetic specifically made for an application like this.

If you fish any Striper waters from a small boat or kayak you should take a good look at these.  Because of the line eye forward they will troll nicely unlike the center balanced versions.  As always high quality materials and methods are used.  Hooks are Mustad forged for strength and plated for salt water use.  Paint is heat cured powder for durability, accent colors are sprayed vinyl and then again coated with clear heat cured powder to keep it all together.  Tail wraps are epoxy coated to hold up to toothy critters.  

Besides trolling these could be cast in deep or fast waters like canals (think Cape Cod canal) or inlets.  It's just a matter of how big a bucktail can you cast!

Listings here are for the bucktails and the plastic tails are in other separate listings.  That makes the options up to you.  A couple pictures showing the tails in relation to the lures give you the idea of how well they go together.

Included in the product pictures are a couple of photos of anglers (one is me) with Stripers caught on these bucktails.  The one shows a large FB Ultra Minnow with a Sassy Shad added.  The other shows me with the one keeper Striper I caught with a 2 oz version of these bucktails on a charter last November. The other two I got that day were "oversize" throw backs.  

Thanks for looking!  As always don't hesitate to ask question and specials are always considered.  My email for those purposes is sales@tinmantackle.com

Good luck fishing!