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Teardrop Bucktails.

Teardrop Bucktails.

$ 3.75


     Effective immediately and until further notice I won't be tieing bucktails in sizes over 2 ozs.   The slowly worsening deer tail shortage has finally caught up to me.  I have received my last shipment of tails until next Fall. As a result I don't have enough tails with long enough hair and of good enough quality to continue those sizes.  I expect this to continue until next October or November.

     Sizes up to and including 2 ozs are not affected by this.

     My apologies for this inconvenience but there isn't much I can do about it other than using artificial materials.  I would only do that on request.

     Bare heads and heads that are painted but not dressed will all be available as normal.


 If you're looking for a bucktail with the majority of the weight forward this is it!  A fast drop especially in a current is the basic idea with this design.  Think places with a good current like inlets, canals, tide rips etc.  In addition it has a forward balance so it's not meant to be fished from a boat.  It's ideal in low line angle situations like where you're at or near water level while fishing.  

     Six sizes and a variety of colors.  In addition, the feathers on the three larger sizes are available in yellow, white, green, pink, blue and black only with white bucktail.